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Art Appreciation In Spanish

Art appreciation in Spanish offers an opportunity to form an opinion about an artwork. Do you know how to appreciate art in Spanish? No worries! I’ll cover that.

But first, why is art appreciation relevant to language learners?

Appreciating or evaluating art in Spanish allows learners to:

  • think critically
  • invest in learning
  • participate actively

Also, it’s a fun way to introduce Hispanic history and cultural context.

Not only that, but the learner also listens, speaks, writes, and reads these words in Spanish.

This step reinforces all the knowledge and skills practiced in the previous steps. It wraps the whole lesson into a cohesive unit.

Want to describe art in Spanish?

Art Vocabulary

Download our free Spanish Art Vocabulary Worksheet

You can use this article for the art appreciation talking points.

Art Study in Spanish Steps

There are five steps to describe art in Spanish. You’re on the last step, forming an opinion about the artwork. Navigate the articles below to jump to another step.

Let’s take a look at the last step to describe art in Spanish – and what we can talk about for this step!

Step 5 – Write Your Observations

Length | 5 minutes

Last, write about your observations and opinions about the artwork. At your level, write either a word, phrase, sentence, or complete art analysis. Keep the artwork, your drawing, and your writing together in a notebook.

Writing about Art in Spanish

Esta obra es… Este arte es… — This artwork is…
Me hace pensar de… — It makes me think of…
Me siento…— I feel… 

Questions to Share Opinions in Spanish

After describing the details, telling the story, and the message, share your opinion.

¿Me gusta esta obra, porque sí o no? — Do I like this artwork, why or why not?
¿Qué hizo el artista mejor? — What did the artist do best?  
¿Qué cambiarías? — What would you change?
Me gusta/no me gusta la obra porque… — I like/don’t like the artwork because… 
Pienso que… — I think…
La obra me hace sentir… — The artwork makes me feel…
Me siento… — I feel… 

Wrapping up Describing Art in Spanish

To conclude, once all the artwork for the artist is complete, wrap it up with an artwork roundup. Gather together all the artwork, all the drawings, and any writings. Point out any new observations. Finish up with one of these fun activities:

Comparar y contrastar — Compare and contrast.
Organízalas en orden de tiempo — Organize them in time order.
Agrúpalas según color, tema, tipo, material, etc… — Group them by color, subject, type, material, etc… 

 In the end, you will see how the artist’s work evolved over the years. It’s fascinating.

Need art appreciation in Spanish resource that’s done for you?

Introducing… Art Study in Spanish

The Art Study in Spanish Bundle is your go-to resource for describing art in Spanish. You’ll have everything you need to describe an artwork in Spanish:

Not only that, but the learner also listens, speaks, writes, and reads these words in Spanish.

Resources to describe:

  • the artist and artwork,
  • the story,
  • the element,
  • the principles of art,
  • and your opinion about the artwork in Spanish.

It is flexible to adapt to any learning style and proficiency level.

Each step easily lays out the questions and answer prompts for beginner through advanced proficiency levels. Your student can demonstrate their learning on an interactive worksheet.

Optin Art Study Horizontal

Or you can pull together bits and pieces for talking about art on your own over time.

Your Next Step

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Art Study in Spanish Bundle


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