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    Should I practice rhyming in Spanish?

    You might be wondering if rhyming is necessary or helpful for language learners. Rhyming is helpful because it helps us to understand word structure and…

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    Do I Need to Teach Phonological Awareness in Spanish?

    There are many questions about teaching phonological awareness in Spanish.  Some of the most frequently asked questions are… And last, but not least: What is…

  • Should I Practice Rhyming In Spanish Featured

    Favorite Spanish Nursery Rhymes

    Are you looking for recommendations for Spanish nursery rhymes? Nursery rhymes are not just fun, they are a great first step to sharing language with…

  • Parent Review Llamitas Spanish Homeschool Curriclum Featured

    Parent Review of Llamitas Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

    In this post: you will discover how you can teach your children Spanish and read an honest review of Llamitas Homeschool Spanish curriculum. Do you…

  • What Are Tenses In Spanish Featured

    What are tenses in Spanish?

    Tense changes the form of a verb to show time. In Spanish, tense is called el tiempo. What is the definition of tense in Spanish?…

  • What Are Perfect Tenses In Spanish Feature

    What are the perfect tenses in Spanish?

    Every verb has four perfect tenses in Spanish. They are present perfect, past perfect, future perfect, and conditional perfect. In Spanish the perfect tenses are…

  • What Are The Parts Of Speach In Spanish Feature

    What are the parts of speech in Spanish?

    You’re going to learn about this important grammar concept today! Are you ready? Great! When I think of the parts of speech, it reminds me…

  • Learning Spanish Family Featured

    Exploring Spanish Together: A Fun Guide for Monolingual Families

    Not sure how to raise bilingual children when you only know one language? That’s a challenge! These tips will make it easier for you to…

  • Raising Bilingual Children Feature

    Finding Balance: Raising Children Bilingually for a Bright Future

    Are you a parent who wants to raise your children bilingually? I do too! I want to share some insights about three approaches to raising…

  • Learning Spanish Tips Featured

    Seven Musts for Learning Spanish

    Your path to language learning success! Are you a Spanish learner? Me too! These tips will make it easier for you to learn Spanish. Learning…

  • Teaching Spanish Featured

    Seven Musts For Teaching Spanish

    Are you a Spanish Teacher? Me too! These tips will make it easier to teach Spanish. Knowing a second language or heritage language can improve…

  • Principles Of Art In Spanish

    Art Study in Spanish / Describing the Principles of Art in Spanish

    The principles of art in Spanish uncover the message of an artwork. The learner can be a critical thinker in Spanish too. Do you know…

  • Art Appreciation In Spanish

    Art Study in Spanish / Art Appreciation in Spanish

    Art appreciation in Spanish offers an opportunity to form an opinion about an artwork. Do you know how to appreciate art in Spanish? No worries!…

  • Elements Of Art In Spanish

    Art Study in Spanish / Describing the Elements of Art in Spanish

    The elements of art in Spanish investigate the details of an artwork. The learner enjoys finding more answers. Do you know what the elements of…

  • Drawing Vocabulary Words
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    Art Study in Spanish / Drawing Vocabulary Words

    Drawing vocabulary words connects an image to the foreign word in the brain. This process sticks the word into the memory for a longer time….

  • Spanish Art Vocabulary Featured

    Art Study in Spanish / Spanish Art Vocabulary

    A large vocabulary is important when learning and teaching a foreign language. Describing an artwork in Spanish will make the vocabulary stick. How? Describing an…

  • Preparing For Art Study In Spanish

    Preparing for Art Study in Spanish

    Art Study in Spanish is a fun way to learn Spanish. What do you need to describe art in Spanish? To make preparing for Art…

  • Describing Art In Spanish

    Describing Art in Spanish

    A big vocabulary is important when learning and teaching a foreign language. Most memorize word lists, but that kind of vocabulary only sticks temporarily. Why?…

  • Spanish Notebook

    Spanish Notebook / What’s Inside Our Language Learning Notebook

    Often we use notebooks to organize paperwork, like a mini file cabinet. But have you ever used a Spanish notebook as a learning tool? If…

  • Basic Spanish Skills

    Basic Spanish Skills: Practice to Improve Your Language Skills

    Are you having a hard time talking to native speakers too?  Having basic Spanish skills can turn that around. How well do you understand Spanish?…

  • What Are Verbs In Spanish Featured

    What is a verb in Spanish?

    What is a verb in Spanish? A verb in Spanish is “el verbo”. A verb is a word that expresses action or a state of…

  • 5 Ways Kids Can Learn Spanish Featured

    5 Ways Kids Can Learn Spanish

    If you want your little one to learn Spanish, now’s the best time to make it happen. A study on the Spanish vocabulary growth of kids between…

  • Free Verb Conjugation Guide Horizontal

    The Free Spanish Verb Conjugation Guide

    Are you struggling with conjugation? Don’t worry. I’ve got a free resource that shows you the exact steps to conjugate verbs and helps you to…

  • Vocabulary Spreadsheet Featured

    Make a Vocabulary Spreadsheet in 9 Simple Steps

    You’ve decided it’s time to increase your Spanish vocabulary. But figuring out how to start learning new vocabulary is your next problem! You’ve jotted down…

  • Spanish Art Vocabulary Lesson Featured

    Free Spanish Art Vocabulary Worksheet

    Are your apps and workbooks boring you to death? You want to speak Spanish so you’re putting the effort in. No matter how hard you…

  • Spanish Alphabet Featured
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    Make a Spanish Alphabet Banner | Letter and Sounds Craft

    An alphabet banner is a tool to learn and review the Spanish alphabet and sounds. Each letter of the alphabet hangs on a string across…

  • Spanish Conjugation Practice Worksheets

    Would you like to learn or teach conjugation in a fun and engaging way?

    Would you like to learn conjugation so that you can stop feeling self-conscious about your communication skills? Have you found that when you attempt to…

  • Practice Spanish Conjugation

    Make a free spreadsheet for Spanish conjugation practice!

    Spreadsheets are a helpful tool for language learning. You can easily organize, track, and evaluate your conjugation practice digitally with a spreadsheet. Do you know…

  • Our Homeschool Spanish Curriculum 2022 2023

    Our Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for 2022-2023

    After a trip to Spain this summer, I came back with an even deeper appreciation for being bilingual and raising my kids bilingually. This sentiment…

  • Homeschool Plan 2022 2023 Featured

    Our 2022-2023 Homeschool Plan for 4th Grade

    I’m back in, making a homeschool plan again! After a three-year pause, I am returning to homeschooling my youngest this school year. Although I homeschooled…

  • spanish grammar practice, what is grammar analysis?

    Spanish Grammar Practice – What is Grammar Analysis?

    Grammar has gotten a bad rep over the years. It’s a boring subject and all the mistakes marked in red pencil are annoying. But the…

  • Spanish Prepositions Featured

    Spanish Prepositions / Using Simple and Compound Prepositions

    These itty bitty words are hard to manage! The translations are unreliable since they show up in different places than the English version. There are…

  • Spanish Grammar Featured

    Let’s Study Spanish Grammar

    We use grammar all the time. Have you ever thought about what grammar is? Don’t worry! I’ll cover this concept today. Want the secret to…

  • Spanish Pronouns Featured

    Understanding Spanish Pronouns / Charts and Examples

    Lo, la, le, se, me, te, vos! These itty bitty words are confusing. What do they even mean? They end up in the strangest places…

  • What Is Conjugation In Spanish Featured

    What is conjugation in Spanish?

    Today is the day for you to learn about this important grammar concept. We conjugate verbs a lot, but many people do not know what…

  • Learning Language With Music

    Learning Language with Music – Spanish Listening Practice

    What are good sources for learning Spanish? Music is an ideal audio source, because of its qualities of sound, rhythm, and content. Listening to music…

  • Spanish Chapter Books Celia Series by Elena Fortun
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    Spanish Chapter Books – Celia Series

    The best Spanish chapter books for beginners are hard to find. An online search offers hundreds of options. It’s hard to tell which book is…

  • Talk To Kids In Spanish Featured

    How Do You Talk to Kids in Spanish?

    Your kids are language learning sponges. It’s so easy for them to learn, but only if they want to. Here are five ways to talk…

  • Spanish Color Shape Books Featured

    Spanish Color and Shape Books

    Spanish color and shape books are a great way to teach your kids basic Spanish vocabulary. These books are awesome for beginner reading activities. Complement…

  • Spanish Phonics Books
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    Spanish Phonics Books for Beginners

    Spanish phonics books introduce the basic units of the language. They have letters, syllables, words, phrases, and sentences to practice. Do you know what Spanish…

  • Gender in Spanish Grammar – What You Need to Know

    Warning! English speakers! Spanish grammar has two genders, masculine and feminine. It is super important to learn about the gender concept, because all connected words…

  • Spanish Nouns – Forms of Nouns and Examples

    Everything in learning a language comes back to words. The first step in learning Spanish is discovering new words and their meanings. By far the…

  • Spanish Sentences / How to Form a Spanish Sentence

    Spanish sentences are the same as English sentences. Hold on! That’s only true sometimes. Do you know how to form a sentence in Spanish correctly?…

  • Spanish Fables Featured

    Spanish Fables – Short Stories for Beginners

    I know it’s hard to find a good Spanish book to read for beginners. You know how to read, but you can’t understand the Spanish…

  • notebook page with pictures of artwork by Fernando Botero

    Art Study in Spanish | Fernando Botero – Latin American Art

    Fernando Botero is one of Colombia’s most famous painters and sculptors. Read about his life and look at his artwork below. This biography and gallery…

  • notebook page with pictures of artwork by Diego Rivera

    Art Study in Spanish | Diego Rivera – Latin American Art

    One of Mexico’s most famous artists is Diego Rivera. Read about his life and his artwork gallery below. Use this biographical information and sample artwork…

  • Learn Spanish For Free Featured

    Best Free Resources For Learning Spanish

    Welcome to Grow Spanish! It’s tough learning Spanish on your own. Every language learner asks how…? Even experienced learners ask the same questions. You can…

  • Spanish Study Plan Featured

    Try This Solid Spanish Study Plan – Don’t Miss These 4 Essential Parts

    For a quick start to learning Spanish, get the free Simple Guide to Learning Spanish. The roadmap inside walks you through all the stages of…

  • Learning Styles Featured
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    What are the 5 learning styles?

    What is your best learning style? What type of practice and learning tools maximize your Spanish learning progress? Learn strategies to maximize your learning productivity….

  • Understand Spanish grow your oral receptive skills

    How to Understand Native Spanish Speakers

    Having a hard time understanding native Spanish speakers? Don’t worry! I have some tips to help you understand Spanish. But first, let’s start with the…

  • Language Learning Goals – How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

    Want to successfully learn Spanish? The first step to accomplish your learning objective is to set your language learning goals based on your exact circumstances….

  • Increase Spanish Vocabulary Featured

    9 Resources to Increase Spanish Vocabulary

    Are you having a hard time understanding the Spanish words you hear or read? The vocabulary struggle is real. We face some challenges as second…

  • Basic Spanish Words

    50 Basic Spanish Words for Beginners

    These are the words you’ll encounter the most in Spanish. Many of these basic words are one syllable. These itty bitty words are hard to…

  • Learn Spanish

    Learn Spanish So You Can Use It in Real Life – Benefits of Being Bilingual

    Is learning Spanish worth it? Will I learn Spanish well enough to use it in real life? As a person interested in learning Spanish, the…

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    Christmas | Write a Spanish Santa Letter

    Christmas is a great chance to catch the excitement of the gift season. Tap into your child’s enthusiasm and write a letter to Santa in…

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    Thanksgiving | Giving Thanks in Spanish

    If you want ways to bring Spanish into your holidays, these special activities will get you and your kids working together. Make giving thanks in…

  • What is Homeschooling Like?

    Here’s the inside scoop on homeschooling from the perspective of a mom who taught her kids at home for ten years. I share what a…

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    Canvas Colors Craft | Spanish Colors and Shape Craft

    Keep your preschool and school aged children busy learning Spanish with this fun color canvas craft. Let them fill their canvas with the shapes and…

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    The Dozen Ghosts Craft | Spanish Pronoun Activity

    This Spanish pronoun activity is an easy way to learn the subject pronouns and how to use them. Poof, they’re gone! See how pronouns replace…

  • Subject Pronouns – What are they Spanish to English?

    Not sure what a subject pronoun is and how to use them? Become super clear on what the pronouns replace, even when they are not…

  • How to Start Homeschooling in California

    Homeschooling is easier to do than ever before. The hard part is knowing exactly what you are required to do. No worries, I have the…

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