Spanish Color and Shape Books

Spanish Color Shape Books Featured
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Spanish color and shape books are a great way to teach your kids basic Spanish vocabulary. These books are awesome for beginner reading activities. Complement reading with any craft that has color and shape. Instead of English, simply use the Spanish words.

Learn Spanish Color and Shape Words as a Family

Introduce your little ones to the colors and shape words in Spanish. Make your reading time the best with an engaging activity. Parents can begin teaching Spanish to their children from birth, the younger the better.

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Teaching Children Spanish Color and Shape Words

Kids love to look at pictures. That makes it so easy for us parents to introduce the Spanish words for color with a visual picture. It’s always best to avoid translating into English. Instead just show the picture.

Spanish Color Books

Bring the Spanish language into your home with these recommended books for little ones.

Basic Spanish Words Book Set

Spanish Shape Books

Reading books is an amazing opportunity for little ones. Learning there are two different ways of describing the world around them is so important. It makes them smarter.

And it’s a great way to connect and spend time with your favorite little people.

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Spanish Color Shape Books

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