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And I struggled with becoming fluent in Spanish for years.

Like so many other people, I had tried and failed to learn Spanish more times than I can count, taking every class that came my way. I’d learn some vocabulary here or grammar there, but then not be able to understand my new Spanish speaking family and friends.

After studying Spanish in school for years, I discovered that I had zero Spanish skills in the real world.

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to work in a bilingual job that I realized something had to change. I wanted to be able to communicate effectively but I still made so many humiliating mistakes.

But more than that I didn’t feel good.

I wanted to hide. I was tired of being confused, not knowing what to say, and feeling dumb. But I knew if I was going to get serious about becoming bilingual, I’d have to start thinking differently because everything I’d tried up to that point had failed.

And so, for the first time I started digging into the actual science of language learning.

What I discovered shocked me because I found out that so much of what we’ve been taught about foreign languages and learning them doesn’t work.

It turns out that all those things I had been hearing all those years “memorize vocabulary” and “study the grammar rules” were totally and completely wrong.

Language is a skill, not a subject in school.

It turns out that becoming fluent – and communicating in another language – is far more dependent on actively listening, reading, speaking, and writing than on the amount of vocabulary and grammar rules memorized, and how much you study.

I received a BA from UCLA in Spanish Language & Literature

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