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Christmas is a great chance to catch the excitement of the gift season. Tap into your child’s enthusiasm and write a letter to Santa in Spanish. This year, don’t miss the free traceable template below.

Writing a letter to Santa is just plain fun. This year, I decided to make a traceable template for my kids to send their thanks and share their gift wishes. For an extra twist, they’ll also get a letter back from Santa, thanks to the postal service program.

The excitement for Christmas is thick. Those are the opportunities I look for to double the positive vibes for second language learning. This letter has 25 words and a potential to collect new words for the gifts they want.

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Writing a letter to Santa in Spanish

1. Print the Spanish Santa letter template

This letter has 25 Spanish words. Some are the most common and some are specific to the season. Both are important parts of daily life. The template can be used according to the skills of your child. You may want to write one yourself. It’s a great way to learn new vocabulary and grow many second language skills.

2. Trace and repeat sentences

For little ones you can read the letter aloud and draw pictures of their gift wish list. Focus on a couple words to say, learn the meaning and repeat.

For children that can already read and write, they can trace the words and say the Spanish sounds and syllables. Either practice the sounds and words they know or use the template to discover new ones.

Children with more skills, will be able to trace and read aloud the letter. Or you can use the letter for dictation. So, your child can write the words, phrases and sentences from listening.

3. Fill-in child’s age

This box is a chance to practice numbers and how to say their age in Spanish.

4. Sign their name after the closing phrase

They learn how to end a letter with the phrase “con anticipación”, which means with excitement. And with “mi nombre”, my name. This is practice for writing formal letters and filling in forms.

5. Address the envelope

In your child’s last step, address their envelope to “Santa, Polo Norte“. This is envelope number one.

Getting a Letter Back from Santa

Also, this year, I’m making sure the kids get a letter back from Santa. Getting a letter in the mail is rare for a kid and a big treat. The post office has a program for letters from Santa. The post office program instructions are here:

The rest of the steps are optional, only if you want Santa to send your child a letter too.

6. Write something from Santa

First, I wrote a simple response from Santa on the back of my child’s letter. For one, I wrote “Mi placer, jo, jo, jo, Santa” which means – my pleasure, ho, ho, ho, Santa. Another option is “feliz navidad” for Merry Christmas or “dulces sueños” for sweet dreams. “jo, jo, jo” is the Spanish Santa laugh for ho, ho, ho.

Or, you could write a full Santa letter of your own in Spanish.

7. Envelope your child’s envelope

Next, I put original envelope into another envelope addressed to child’s name and address and the return address “Papa Noel, Polo Norte” with a first-class postage stamp. This is envelope number two.

8. Envelope all of it

Finally, envelope number two goes into the third and final envelope. The last one is addressed to the post office Santa letter program. Stamp it with the right amount of postage. Send no later than December 7, to receive the Santa letter before Christmas.



Of course, only do what is easy and fun. The best learning happens with excitement and positive experiences. Whether Santa is real or not, writing a letter and maybe receiving one back, is a great holiday learning activity. Santa speaks Spanish too.


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