Our 2022-2023 Homeschool Plan for 4th Grade

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I’m back in, making a homeschool plan again!

After a three-year pause, I am returning to homeschooling my youngest this school year. Although I homeschooled my five children for 10 years, this year is quite a bit different. I only have one student and we are in post-quarantine catch-up mode. My other three kids are continuing in public school.

This year I am starting from scratch with the benefit of experience. I have a lot of decisions to make. So here I go…

Our Homeschool Plans for 2022-2023

For the first time, I’m only planning for one student. This transition to balancing both public school and homeschooling is the biggest challenge. I have one in each of the local elementary, middle, and high schools. And my oldest is doing dual enrollment in community college.

Although we are all doing different things, in different places, at different times, the good thing is we are all going to be doing homeschool Spanish together, at home.

With all this in mind, this is what I plan to do this year.

Our Homeschool Year Plans for 4th Grade

Most importantly, this is a catch-up year. My daughter fell behind during the quarantine in public school. This year we will focus on math and language arts. I will share our plans by subject.

We have joined a local Classical Conversations community. The curriculum covers most subjects. Each week, my daughter will have a hands-on fine arts lesson, a science project and give a presentation. The rest of the week we will do memory work, sentence parsing and writing assignments.

In addition to the core subjects, all my kids will be learning Spanish at home! This is my favorite language and I want all my kids to become bilingual.

Homeschool Math

The quarantine has set her back in math, so we are focused on math. My daughter will be memorizing math facts and doing weekly drills and games. We will catch her up and fill in any gaps with math tutoring at our local Mathnasium.

Teaching Textbooks Math 4

Homeschool English

Similarly, we are also focused on raising her language arts levels in all areas. My daughter will be memorizing grammar facts and learning how to parse and diagram sentences. She will also be reading from the booklist below and giving oral narrations.

Classical Conversations Essentials curriculum

IEW Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons

Phonetic Zoo

Fix It! Grammar: Level 1 Nose Tree

Booklist for 4th Grade:

Homeschool History

We will be doing an overview of world events and focusing on medieval to modern history and geography. Each week there will be timeline events, a history sentence, and geography locations to memorize. She will listen to these historical narrative audios every week following the timeline:

Booklist for History:

Homeschool Science

The main science spine will complement the science facts for ecology, astronomy, and physics. Each week in the community, she will do a hands-on science project. This reinforces the scientific method. We will also cover health.

Exploring Building Blocks of Science Book 4

Homeschool Fine Arts


My daughter loves drawing. In the community, there will be art and music theory hands-on lessons. On top of that, my daughter will take drawing classes at our local Inspyr arts school.

fine arts

This is one subject we will do as a family. For art appreciation, we will discuss Latin American art in Spanish following my curriculum.

Grow Spanish: Art Study in Spanish

Homeschool Physical Education

My daughter will swim, run, ride bikes, go on nature walks, and play a variety of sports.

Homeschool Spanish

I’ve saved the best for last. We are going to read aloud Spanish books. As she learns new vocabulary and sentence patterns, she will listen, speak, read, and write Spanish. Everyone in the family will do this together and independently.

Booklist for Spanish:

Field Trips:

Museum of Latin American Art

Long Beach Museum of Art

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

And that’s our homeschool plan for this school year, let’s go!

Your Next Steps

Our Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

Inside Our Spanish Learning Binder

Read Aloud in Spanish | Reading Activities


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