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Welcome to Grow Spanish! It’s tough learning Spanish on your own. Every language learner asks how…? Even experienced learners ask the same questions.

You can learn Spanish for free, here’s how —

1. Make your Study Plan

How do I learn Spanish on my own? That’s a big question with a lot of itty-bitty answers. Bottom line, I did it, and so can you! I’m here to help get you to figure this puzzle out today.

Try This Study Plan That Works

My guess is you’re not sure how to start, maybe even trying to figure out what went wrong. Either way, you need to know exactly what to do to accomplish your language learning goals. The steps to create your unique study plan are laid out for you.

Download the free Simple Guide to Learning Spanish [Roadmap].

2. Speak Spanish with your children

… if you have them.

If your only language is English, don’t let that stop you. Create a rich language learning environment at home for you and your children to enjoy together.

Many children resist learning another language. Parents know the value of being bilingual. That’s why its worth the effort.

How to talk to your kids in Spanish

3. Increase your passive and active Spanish vocabulary

You don’t understand any Spanish words. Even worse, you can’t figure out what to say when you need to. The standard practice of cramming and memorizing is limited. What you need is a way to turn new words into passive and active vocabulary. That way you can understand them and use them in speech and print.

How to increase your vocabulary

4. Conjugate Spanish Verbs

In Spanish, there are way too many versions of the same verb. This has to be the number one source of overwhelm for language learners. Add on top, there are thousands of them and there is one in every sentence, at least. Here’s an explanation of verbs:

Spanish Verbs – What you need to know

More than anything else, you need to practice conjugation regularly. I recreated these conjugation sheets for you because I know they work. They are exactly how I was able to finish my Spanish degree at UCLA and not flunk out.

Download the free conjugation practice worksheet

5. Build Your Vocabulary

Everybody learns differently, but all language learners need to practice. Art is an ideal source for visual learners. Describing artwork in Spanish is a good way to practice all Spanish skills.

Download the free Art Study Vocabulary

Start with creating a study plan for the year to improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Set your vocabulary and grammar goals and track your progress over the year. From your listening and reading sources, add new words to your register and turn them into passive and active vocabulary you can use in real life. Analyze words, phrases, and sentences to connect them correctly.

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