Parent Review of Llamitas Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

Parent Review Llamitas Spanish Homeschool Curriclum Featured

In this post: you will discover how you can teach your children Spanish and read an honest review of Llamitas Homeschool Spanish curriculum.

Do you want to teach your children Spanish? Or, perhaps you want to learn Spanish with your children? 

I hear you. I really want my children to be bilingual. 

You see, I’m a busy single mom of five with a job and a business. I’ve got more responsibilities than time, so raising my children bilingually has been neglected. Hello, mom guilt!

Over the years, we have tried several things that have not worked:

  • I speak Spanish at home (not enough)
  • I collected a bookshelf full of Spanish books (untouched)
  • My kids take Spanish in school

These options were all ineffective or required too much time from me to make a real difference. 

I Thought I Wasn’t Going to Find a Good Spanish Curriculum 

I accepted this and moved on with my life until I stumbled onto Llamitas Spanish again, after they launched their comprehensive homeschool Spanish curriculum. 

I fell in love.

It is academic, authentic, engaging, and beautiful.

I have used Llamitas Spanish with my 9 year old daughter (and my 12 year old listens in too) for one solid month and I have a lot of things to share with you!

Ready? Buy Llamitas Spanish Curriculum here.

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Snapshot of Llamitas Spanish

Llamitas Logo

Llamitas Spanish is a United States company based in California that provides Spanish curriculum in printed and digital formats for preschool through elementary level (ages 2-10).

The founder of Llamitas Spanish, Corrie Wiik, couldn’t find an academically robust Spanish curriculum for her young children, so she made one. 

She combined her years of experience as a teacher and homeschool parent and gathered a team of bilingual educators and artists from around the world to create her dream curriculum. One that’s designed for homeschool families or small groups. 

Llamitas Spanish teaches the youngest learners: beginners wanting to learn a second language to bilingual children looking to sharpen their skills and confidence. 

Who is Llamitas Spanish for?

The curriculum is a good fit for:

  • Homeschooling parents
  • Monolingual parents seeking to introduce Spanish language learning
  • Bilingual families looking to reinforce Spanish language skills
  • Heritage learners aiming to connect with their cultural roots
  • Multicultural families promoting global awareness and communication skills
  • Parents of early childhood learners
  • Co-op groups seeking collaborative learning opportunities
  • Parents interested in customizable or adaptive learning approaches
  • Families seeking structured language acquisition programs

Parents and teachers play an important role in helping a child learn any language. Learning a foreign language requires extra effort. Llamitas makes this process so much easier.

Llamitas Spanish: How This Spanish Curriculum Works

Llamitas Spanish Course Portal

1. Decide Which Level Best Fits Your Child

Preschool Morning Binder: For the youngest learners who have some pen control and can focus on writing for a few minutes. Ready to learn letter sounds and first concepts in Spanish. Best suited for ages 2-6. 

Level 1: For beginners or native speakers ready for a solid foundation in Spanish phonics, early math and literacy. It is the equivalent of kindergarten immersion class. Best suited through age 9. 

Level 2: Child falls somewhere between beginner and intermediate Spanish speaker. They are ready for a solid foundation in early childhood academics. It is the equivalent of lower elementary Spanish immersion class. Best for ages 7-10.

Level 3: This upper elementary level launches Summer 2025. Exciting!

If you need more guidance to choose a level, take the Llamitas placement quiz.

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2. Choose Which Delivery Method Fits Your Family Best 

Each level has two delivery options:

Digital Only

This option includes lifetime access to the online course platform with pdf downloads of the course resources. You can print the curriculum at home or use a print service. 

Ideal for multiple children (print multiple copies)

Digital + Printed (Shipped)

This option includes everything in the digital only option above, plus a printed binder and flashcards shipped to you. 

Ideal option for less hassle (no printing)

3. Access Course Platform for Digital Resources

Once you purchase, you will get a welcome email with your personal login to the course portal where you will find your audio files, PDF lessons, and additional resources. 

If you purchased digital only, then you need to download and print the PDF files and any flashcards and readers. 

Inside the course book you’ll find sample schedules you can follow.

4. Complete Lessons with Your Child or Group

So how are you, a parent, supposed to teach Spanish to your child in a way that is fun and engaging? It’s easy – you open the course book and learn along with your child!

All you have to do is read the scripts and have your child complete the lesson page. They recommend the English script for beginners and Spanish for intermediate. However, you can change language as needed. 

Llamitas Spanish: Lesson Format

  • Thematic Lesson
  • Audio Tracks
  • Bilingual Reader
  • Spanish Songs

Additional resources: thematic book menu, music playlists, videos, flashcards, crafts, and more…  These provide more exposure to the themes and practice listening and speaking Spanish in a variety of learning styles: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, read & write. You choose which materials best work for your child. 

Why Llamitas Spanish is the Best Spanish Program for Homeschoolers

1. Scripted Lessons 

The scripts make lessons really easy to complete. It’s truly an open and go curriculum. I flip open the lesson book and start reading the script. Simple, I love it!

Since I’m a Spanish speaker and my children know some Spanish, I use the Spanish script. When they don’t understand, I switch to the English script. 

The beauty of the program is flexibility. 

If we were a monolingual family or just getting started, I would use the English script and pull from the Spanish script when the lesson is easy. 

I am so impressed when the kids understand Spanish. That happens more and more often as we continue through the curriculum.

2. Authentic Audio 

The audios carry some of the weight of the lessons. They demonstrate accurate pronunciation of the sounds and vocabulary. And the kids can sing along with the authentic songs. Huge plus for monolinguals!

My daughter could play and repeat the audio on her own. This encourages ownership of the learning process. It’s not just mom telling her what to do all the time. 

If you have a younger child you may have to assist more until they are able to work independently.  

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3. Beautiful Color Illustrations

At first sight, the curriculum is attractive. I was drawn to the soft color palette and hand drawn watercolor illustrations. My daughter LOVED the illustrations! They inspired her own creativity.

I realized the illustrations serve a greater purpose. The vocabulary is visual, something they can see and relate to in real life, not just a translation. This is very important in language learning. 

The kids counted the illustrations, learned the colors in the vocabulary, arranged them, connected the sounds to the letters and syllables, and more.

They made the lessons really enjoyable and brought the vocabulary to life. 

4. Interactive Lessons

There is no dry, dull, boring. This curriculum approaches language in a variety of ways:

Visual, read and write, kinesthetic, and audio.

This makes it work for any kid. We know they all learn differently. The scripts and audios work well for auditory learners, the activities for kinesthetic learners, and the reading and writing for the linguistic learners. 

The curriculum is infused with touches of Charlotte Mason and Montessori style activities. Every homeschooler has their preference.

Llamitas Spanish Review: What We Didn’t Love 

1. Time Consuming

I’m a mom who has a ton of responsibilities… and I’m not really interested in teaching it to my children. I already speak Spanish. Just being honest. 

But I really want my children to be bilingual!

So, the fact that parental involvement is required is a big drawback. 

I love that I don’t have to plan a lesson and that all the print, audio and video content is provided. 

BUT, I do have to read the script of every lesson.  

However, my daughter is an older independent learner. As we go hopefully she will take over reading the script and free me to work on my other responsibilities. But then, I wouldn’t want her taking shortcuts. Then I would lose out on spending that time with her.

Overall, the benefits are worth the extra effort. 

2. It’s Pricey

Let’s be honest here, it’s a bit pricey. 

This is a high-quality, premium product for the serious parent who wants their kid to actually learn to speak Spanish. 

The digital only version does cost significantly less. BUT be careful to consider your at home or print service costs. Make sure you save money in the long run. The print version may actually save you money and time. 

For some homeschooling families, the cost can possibly be covered by Charter School funds. Llamitas Spanish is already an approved vendor for many Charter Schools. 

The lifetime access makes it a good value. A family can use the lessons for multiple children. A co-op tutor can use it for the entire group, as long as each student has their own copy of the lesson book. 

The Bottom Line for Llamitas Spanish

Are you looking for a Spanish homeschool curriculum for some culture, some vocabulary, and to check the box for foreign language? 

If you are then consider Spanish resources such as Duolingo, YouTube channels. They will be free or lighter on the pocketbook. 

But if you actually want your child to become fluent in Spanish so they can:

  • Have deeper connections with Hispanic culture
  • Be more marketable and competitive in the workforce
  • Be a better student with strong cognitive abilities
  • Prepare for future foreign language requirements in high school and college
  • Travel and communicate freely in many countries
  • Carry conversations with Spanish speaking friends and relatives

Then you need to invest in Llamitas Spanish.

It’s the best homeschool Spanish option for younger kids to elementary children to actually pick up a new language!

Go to the Llamitas Spanish website today to check out the details and get your child learning Spanish before more time passes!

Do you have more questions? Drop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer you!

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