How Do You Talk to Kids in Spanish?

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Your kids are language learning sponges. It’s so easy for them to learn, but only if they want to. Here are five ways to talk to your kids in Spanish with the very things they enjoy. Below, are lists of easy Spanish words and phrases to use with your kids anytime.

Oh, no, the kids won’t answer in Spanish! The best place to start is modeling and naming. I share five ways to start using Spanish at home.

Basic Spanish Words for Kids

A good start speaking Spanish is simple for both parents and children. These basic words and phrases can be used throughout the day at home. Think about what you usually say in English. Instead, say it in Spanish and have your children say it too.

Easy Words for Kids

— Hola — Hello
— Por favor — Please
— Gracias — Thank you
— De nada — You’re welcome
— A comer — Time to eat
— Vámonos. — Let’s go.
— ¡Mira! — Look!
— Adios — Goodbye
— A la cama — Time for bed

Questions to Ask Kids

— ¿Cuántos hay? — How many are there?
— ¿Dónde estás? — Where are you?
— ¿Te gusta? — Do you like it?
— ¿Tienes sed? — Are you thirsty?
— ¿Tienes hambre? — Are you hungry
— ¿Quieres más?– Do you want more?
— ¿Acabaste? — Are you done?
— ¿Quieres leer? — Do you want to read?
— ¿Quieres jugar? — Do you want to play?
–¿Cómo te sientes? — How do you feel?
— ¿Cómo estás? — How are you?
— ¿Te ayudo? — Can I help you?

Basic Spanish Phrases for Kids

— Buenos días — Good morning
— Buenas tardes — Good afternoon
— Buenas noches — Good night
— Ten cuidado. — Be careful.
— Bien hecho — Well done
— Intenta otra vez. — Try again.
–Dime otra vez. — Tell me again.
— Te quiero. — I love you.
— Te extraño. — I miss you.

Spanish Chore Phrases for Kids

— Cepíllate los dientes. — Brush your teeth.
— Lávate las manos. — Wash your hands.
— Tiende la cama. — Make your bed.
— Ponte los zapatos. — Put on your shoes.
— Amárrate los zapatos. — Tie your shoes.
— Pon la mesa. — Set the table.
— Cierra la puerta. — Close the door.
— Guarda los juguetes. — Pick up your toys.
— Apágalo. — Turn it off.
— Apaga la luz. — Turn off the light.

Even if you don’t know Spanish, you can start talking Spanish to your kids. It’s a great opportunity to learn Spanish together as a family. Keep it simple.


Try out using some basic words or phrases with your kids at home. You can name things together with them or even replace the usual talk about daily tasks with Spanish.

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