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Are you having a hard time understanding the Spanish words you hear or read? The vocabulary struggle is real.

We face some challenges as second language learners. For words to stick in the memory, it takes lots of repetition. New words become recognizable with listening and reading practice. Passive vocabulary becomes active with speaking and writing practice. This is what I call exposure and active engagement.

No worries, I’m here to help you with vocabulary resources for planning, tracking, and defining words.

How do I increase my Spanish vocabulary?

The experts have failed us! They tell us to take a class, study vocabulary lists, do lab work, and take quizzes and tests. But none of that works to increase Spanish vocabulary skills in the language parts of our brains.

On the other hand, having the right resources and study methods do build your passive and active vocabulary.

Ultimate Spanish Vocabulary Toolbox

The Ultimate Spanish Vocabulary Toolbox is your go-to resource for increasing your vocabulary all in one place!

The most important thing is to have a growing passive and active vocabulary. This is the kind where you understand the words you hear and read, then use them from your memory to speak and write.

The Ultimate Spanish Vocabulary Toolbox Will Help You…

  • Set up a systematic plan to increase your vocabulary
  • Track words by their status – new, active, passive
  • Record meaning, synonyms, antonyms, examples, and your notes
  • Pull up your entries on the Flash Sheet tab
  • View graphs of your progress on the Dashboard tab

The Toolbox Includes…

  • Vocabulary Spreadsheet
  • Vocabulary Guide Printable
  • Vocabulary Lists

All of this can be done digitally on any device and printed.

These next resources pair perfectly with the Spanish Vocabulary Toolbox

Free Online Vocabulary Resources

The classic resource for increasing vocabulary is an English-Spanish dictionary. It contains words, pronunciation, meanings, and sometimes examples. Every language learner should have access to at least one dictionary and translator. These are free online Spanish dictionaries and translators.

Online Dictionary


Online Translator




Once you’ve learned a word and its meaning, the next logical step is to find similar words and synonyms. Even antonyms can easily expand your vocabulary with opposite-meaning words.

  • This resource is special because you can search words by part of speech, rhymes, metaphors, and concordance.


Random Word Generator

Occasionally, you might want to find new words at random to increase your vocabulary. Or, just to increase the variety of the kinds of words you’re learning. Press the button and a selection of new words is listed.

Random Lists – Spanish Words

Number Translator

Spanish numbers can be tricky with spelling, accents, and how some of them break the patterns. Type in a number and the spelling is given.

Spanish Numbers Guide

Our Favorite Vocabulary Resources

If you’re going to buy a dictionary, both of these are awesome resources for vocabulary

A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish

Look inside

The main index has the 5,000 most frequently used words in the Spanish vocabulary. Each word has a part of speech, an example, and a translation. This is the ideal resource to complement your vocabulary and grammar study.

Diccionario basico de la lengua española

This basic dictionary is simple and packs in the essential information you need as a language learner.

Take a closer look inside!

All in all, each of these tools is an invaluable resource for increasing Spanish vocabulary. I highly recommend using them as you build your skills to listen, read, speak, and write Spanish in real life.

Now you have great vocabulary resources!

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