Art Study in Spanish / Describing the Principles of Art in Spanish

Principles Of Art In Spanish

The principles of art in Spanish uncover the message of an artwork. The learner can be a critical thinker in Spanish too.

Do you know what the principles of art in Spanish are? No worries! I’ve got you covered.

But first, why do we need the principles of art in Spanish?

Describing an artwork using the principles of art in Spanish:

  • develops all four language skills
  • ignites the desire to find answers
  • engages critical thinking
  • maximizes learning opportunities
  • encourages collaboration


The principles of art ignite language processing in the brain. Before this, the learner reviewed the artist’s background, described the artwork and story, and drew a picture of new vocabulary.

Now they are ready to:

  • describe the principles of art
  • find the focal point
  • and tell about the artists’ message in Spanish

This is the perfect opportunity to listen, speak, write, and read individually or in a larger group.

Want to describe art in Spanish?

Art Vocabulary

Download our free Spanish Art Vocabulary Worksheet

You can use this article for the principles of art talking points.

Art Study in Spanish Steps

There are five steps to Art Study in Spanish. The description of the story and art elements are done. Right now, you are on step three, describing the principles of art in Spanish. Navigate to another step with the articles below.

Let’s take a look at describing the principles of art in Spanish – and what we can talk about for this step!

Step 4 – The Artist’s Message

Length | 5 minutes

Next, while looking at the artwork again, describe the message using the principles of art. See how the elements work together to reveal what is most important.

Principles of Art in Spanish 

The artist organizes their artwork with the principles of art. Your eye moves from the focal point to the element following the cues. The elements are pulled together by the principles of art:

— la unidad — unity
— el contraste — contrast
— la variedad — variety
— el balance — balance
— el énfasis — emphasis
— la proporción — proportion
— el movimiento — movement
— el ritmo — rhythm

As a result, the message of the artist becomes clear and you can respond.

Questions to Describe the Principles of Art in Spanish

Explain how the artwork comes together as a whole.

¿Qué efecto tienen los principios? — How do the elements work together?
¿Con qué propósito? — For what purpose?
¿Cómo se mueve el ojo por el espacio? — How does the eye move around the space?

Questions to Talk about the Message of Art in Spanish

Tell about the artist’s message.

¿Qué estoy presenciando? — What am I witnessing?
¿Cómo me siento al respecto? — How do I feel about that?  
¿Qué es lo más importante? — What is the most important? —
¿Cuál es el punto focal? — What is the focal point? —
¿Por qué el artista creó esta pieza? –Why did the artist create this piece?
– un símbolo de… — …is a symbol of…

Want to describe the principles of art in Spanish even more?

Introducing… Art Study in Spanish

The Art Study in Spanish Bundle is your go-to resource for describing art in Spanish. You’ll have everything you need to describe an artwork in Spanish:

Resources to describe:

  • the artist and artwork,
  • the story,
  • the element,
  • the design principles of art,
  • how you feel about the artwork in Spanish.

It is flexible to adapt to any learning style and proficiency level.

Each step lays out the questions and answer prompts. Your student can demonstrate their learning on an interactive worksheet.

Optin Art Study Horizontal

Or you can pull together bits and pieces for talking about art on your own over time.


The principles of art in Spanish dig deeper into the message of the artwork.

  • You’ll make connections between the elements of art
  • You’ll uncover the artist’s message
  • You’ll increase your vocabulary
  • The vocabulary is stored in your memory for later

This step reinforces the vocabulary and grammar learned in the previous steps. Now let’s take this one step further into forming an opinion about the artwork.

Your Next Step

Art Study in Spanish Bundle

Art Study in Spanish / Art Appreciation in Spanish


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