Spanish Phonics Books for Beginners

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Spanish Phonics Books
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Spanish phonics books introduce the basic units of the language. They have letters, syllables, words, phrases, and sentences to practice.

Do you know what Spanish phonics books to use? No worries! I list some really good ones for you to choose from below.

Spanish Phonics Books

The Spanish language has a different sound system from your native language. Your listening and speaking abilities will suffer without practice.

Spanish sounds different because it is different. These phonics books will help show you the basic letters and syllables in print and audio.

How do you start reading a Spanish phonics book?

The best way to start reading Spanish books is at the easiest reading level. This gives all language learners an advantage. They are simple to read and have basic vocabulary. Best of all a quick win is very motivating towards your language learning goals.

Before anything, you need to know how the Spanish letters sound. This is especially important with each of the five vowels and the new and different consonant sounds in the Spanish language.

The next step is learning how the syllables sound. A syllable is a group of letters within a word. There can be one or more syllables in one word. Put the syllables together to pronounce a word. After this, intermediate and advanced learners cover the concepts of stress, accents, intonation, and how words blend together.

For now, these books are ideal for beginners to practice reading and pronunciation. They are perfect for small bite-size Spanish phonics lessons.

Spanish Phonics Book – Silabario

First, the most basic of phonics books are the silabarios. Teachers use a silabario to teach children how to read Spanish. They introduce the letters, sounds, syllables and basic words to new language learners. Many pictures follow along with the content. This is why they are perfect for any Spanish learner.

What is a silabario in English?

The Spanish word “silabario” is translated as a book of syllables in English.

Spanish Phonics Books Vocabulary

fonética — phonetics
fonología — phonics
pronunciación — pronunciation
lectura — reading
sonido — sound
sílaba — syllable
palabra — word
silabario — book of syllables
cuentos fonéticos — phonics stories

Recommended Spanish Phonics Books – Silabarios

Every country has their own version and some countries have many different kinds. You won’t find them in your local bookstore or library, usually. Here are some available online:

Phonics Activities Using a Silabario

Silbarios are designed to be interactive. Meaning, the content is meant to be heard, read, spoken, and written. Once heard, repeat the sounds. This builds each of the language skills.

  • Hear – Listening
  • Read – Reading
  • Say – Speaking
  • Write – Writing

While you use the language sounds and syllables, vocabulary and comprehension increase.

Final Thoughts

A silabario systematically connects the sounds to print, so you can improve listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  1. Get a silabario.
  2. Practice the sounds and syllables.

If you don’t have a study plan yet, make yours now.

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